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Our Account Manager June 9, 2010

Posted by Vickie-dirtbusterswv in My Opinions.


Wayne Manager

Wayne Mayes


Our account manager is Wayne Mayes. He is responsible for customer contacts by face-to-face visits, emails and phone calls. Wayne introduces the Area Supervisor to new clients and shows where everything is in the building. Sometimes he delivers supplies to the building.  He is the one who visits our clients to make sure they are happy. When the client is happy, Wayne is happy. He is especially thrilled to receive a testimonial!   

It is normal in our industry to only hear from a customer if there is an issue or complaint.  When Wayne receives a call or visits the client expects him to immediately act upon their issues. Well the fact that the customers do not know,  is Wayne does not have any power or authority to do what he would to make the client happy. He is the middle man, the messenger. He then brings this information to Heidi Hudson the Operations Manager. Then Heidi uses this information to take appropriate actions. Needless to say Mr. Mayes occasionally gets a verbal beating. As I observe the office day in and day out, I have realized that I definitely do not want to be an account manager. Who wants to be the messenger?   

Anyway … to anyone in this type of position, I pat you on the back and I applaud you! Thanks Wayne.



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